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its not the mud its the floods... [Jun. 28th, 2005|01:39 pm]
[music |Roots Manuva ~ Dub Styles]

um i reeeeaalllllyyy can't be bothered to talk abotu glasto so am doing a quick summary type thinga:

Best Act: Roooottttss Manuva, after years of adoration me and ash finally have seen him. and he was wearing a pink jumpsuit and panama hat! fucking wonderful, everyone singing along to witness tho me and ash singingalong more and everyone appreciating it. seeing lots of rich white boys tryin to dance to the more bassed out tracks - hilarious. didn't play DUB STYLES but never mind, got very drunk during it and wandered off afterwards to see hanala jem phebe tess and tother girlies and ended up having to look after phebe but thats a story i shudn't go into.

Anthem: Who's got the crack (we weren't actually askin as many people seemed to take it)/ There she goes (tho we never officially sang it all together it was fuckin magicalness from las and the like and etc...)/Hallelujah, watched from the tent just as we staretd drinking, was bliss.

Best Day: Sunday/Friday, only days I was drunk! Probs sunday cos it was more chilled.

Worst Day: Saturday, just not good. Felt all uhhnn. and just stuff (and kate moss is itsy!). Also Thursday night was pretty scary like.

Best new appreciation-ness: Dresden Dolls, hannah wanted to go and they were before sons and daughters (who we only saw a bit of cos we left cos it wasn't too hot) so why not? They were very very bloody beautiful!

It was very wet and muddy due to much reported storms and as a result i was a bit fed up. There were massive high points (roots, hallelujah, rudegirl grace) and low points (floods, getting lost and stuck in a field for the sun to devour me, looking after phebe, attempt at lost vagueness) but it was well worth it and i've learnt for next time how to have a better time.

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the egg broke, out popped life! [Jun. 17th, 2005|01:40 am]
[music |Gang of Four ~ Damaged Goods]

OOOOOOh my gosh.
Thats it, no more! Went to hoxton AGAIN after deciding not to go and realising there were soo much better places to go we ended up there due to lack of funds. Again I was incredibly sober even after vodka and cider (tramps on the sunny suntime picnic benches on commercial st or rd, i always get em mixed up) and so wasn't too fond of standing around in a hoxton bar with a load of twats (have written funny funny songs! phebe u no the type we were on about earlier). Went to the park, cadged some baccy and talked to mistys big advenure (?!?eh? dunno.?!"'@ sure i was sober!) for a bit so could cadge some more baccy. Saw theee unstrung, goodness me this might be the most loserish entry i've ever made. Thheeee unstrung... sober ...in HOXTON. Anyway then left very very early again (11.20!) and got the bus. Where the alcohol started to kick in.
Grrrrrrrration, not so delicious irony. Left a club because i was bored and sober, got drunk on the way home. Made noodles, god I'm just wasting time till I talk about how excited I am about SHOPPING! Back to the old ways and carefree days! Obviously don't have any money (am doing better for the glasto situation) but it doesn't matter. Gonna start off at oxfam on kingsland rd (tho charity shops are overrated, this is the biggest in the uk and down my rd) go up to antoni + alision where the sample sale has been EXTENDED till miraculously the day after our exams. Meet some more lovelies and then go to annies the prettiest most proper ladylike shop. i'm so happy! i refuse to let any important stuff or family nonsense beat the mood, call me a reckless optimist. then we're going to flook to see the fantabulous vincent vincent and the villains and the ludes. will be fun methinks.

i'm really thirsty xx
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soddom gomorah [Jun. 14th, 2005|06:34 pm]
[music |Abba ~ Dancing Queen]

Havne really been anywhere of late. Am very bored. Went to the Cazals on friday in HOXTON. Oh dear! going to the same venue on thursday (OH DEAR) when i've finished my exams (OMIGOD!). theres three flies in my room i'm not sure what to do.

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Breakfast at tiffanies and wasted teatimes [May. 29th, 2005|03:49 pm]
[music |Swell Maps ~ Another Song]

this seems so much easier not that i have to fill up all the time i've been kept in for revision. perhaps time is just going faster now i'm nearly finished with bedlam (pimlico).
i have a double hangover so how on earth am i supposed to do any work? no no no, much better to watch breakfast at tiffanies in bed with chocolate and besides, i'll say i'm a great believer in fate.

friday night was fantastic, though missing all the usual ingredients it came out the oven fine if that makes sense. i spent a lot of the day making a dress (deary me, have i really wasted three days completely?)from that old, pound, size 18 nightie from beyond retro with the exact intention of what i accomplished in the end. might have been the first time! it's empire line and babydollish now and i wore it with my ridiculously high wedges (making my legs 37 inches!). it was perfect for the heat but my hair wasnt and of course silly me sat around for an hour daydreaming and didn't notice so didn't have time to wash it.
drinkin was the way i like it, steady and surely and by the end i was 20 quid trashed. yes somehow i spent 20 sterling and now i am very seriously and very gravely broke. (therefore i am flogging my matthew williamson coke bottles on ebay) the night was good as i was very pissed but i don't know how i managed to have such a good time when i got home (or phebes house as everyone else calls it) as early as 3! quel bafflement! AND i also stopped dancing pretty early in the night (11ish?) because of my ridiculous shoes and my ridiculous state. this of course just meant more drinking and by the time we went home i was probably too drunk to dance even if i wanted to. i'd taken my flip flops in my bag as one-who-is-wearing-4.5-inches-of-heel does but had forgotten the state they were in and how much they wrecked my feet. this and the alcohol and wedges meant that the next mornin i found i couldn't walk. i got the bus and shuffled to drama, came home and wasted the day.

Thats until i'd finished watching strictly dance fever (or whatever its called) and managed to sort drag myself out in a very halfhearted outfit i must say. in fact i was still in agony and not entirely un-half-hearted about the whole nocturnal affair.
but the bus cheered me up!
the bus was brilliant, even after having to wait with only one cigarette for ten minutes! first off, i get on and i swear to yves sant it was the 2005 punk convention. had a nice chat with one of the older ones, the 20ish ones were all quite without charm. then after they got off an old man sat next to me, 76 and he was going to salsa on charing cross rd! bit of a miserable git but was telling me bout lots of things!
anyway turn up half hearted and skint (how i'd remain throughout as joel crisp was ill so wasn't there to gimme 7 quid) and had a lot of hassle and stress so when finally got into the actual gig was much less than half-hearted. maybe a quarter? but thee unstrung were blindin, i've never seen em sober but swear they've improved! maeve says im just coverin up the fact i didn't like em only based on contrary mary. who knows whatever whatever and the rain i started to dance and enjoyed it.
afterwards tho i was drinkless, pennyless and pretty much enthusiasmless. had some nice chatting with aislinn but then she went and everyone else was drunk except for me and i thought it was hopeless until... JENNY FOUND WHERE THEY WERE KEEPING CANS OF BEER. such excitement!! too much excitement, maeve also paid me some money she owed me so it was double vodkas and lemonade necked in under 30 seconds (a DOUBLE vodka, gimme some slack!) and then downing the lovely warm cans of beer (yum) that were never-ending, seriously seriously never ending. all of this in less than half an hour. equals very very drunk grace. in fact im not too sure what happened after except for dancing and stumbling home. literally me and maeve trying to help each other keep in a straight line. and i was sick in my handbag (could i have that in smaller font?) because i didnt wanna be sick all over the bus and didnt want me mates to have to get off. very embaressing. to be expected of course, quick drinkin aint my thing and 5 (? mas o menos) beers and double vodka and lemonades in under half an hour aint half quick. (or half hearted anymore).

so yes have a completely mind-numbing hangover and am getting a spot! terrible, non? also am going to newcastle and i havent actually got a clue about anything or anywhere or why i'm even going. too late now.

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Commitment [May. 25th, 2005|09:55 pm]
[music |The Au Pairs ~ You]

I NEVER realised how much commitment you gotta put into one of these things. very hard indeed. well have been to gigs of late which isnt new ummmmm:
went to flook as couldnt afford or be like active enough to get others tickets and had a fab time as we usually do there. love upstairs at the garage so very much, maybe thats it, love the way at 2 all the SOFTCORE dancers go home and the dancefloor gets nice and empty so you can bust a beauty. also love the girls toilets and how they are always full and everyone is always drunk and have funny conversations. in fact i wasnt even that drunk at flook, had the standard five pound bottle of glens to meself but dunno it werent to bad! maybe i had it so quick cos ash needed the loo that my brain didnt realise and then i started dancing. whooo knows. there was kerfuffle with id and hardly anyone from the actual othes gig came up which was a bummer, when we went in ash had her id and i my cockney charm so it werent too bad but apparently afterwards they were bein total nazis. but yes was nice to be in a small place dancin to songs i know i'll love without hassle etc...
on the other hand, the other gig i remmeber goin to is special needs at koko. though i hardly remember it. somehow the subways played n all. complete opposite of flook. for instance we were TRASHED as we splashed out on bigger bottles of vodka, or rather more (4?) bigger (7.50) bottles and it was only me and ash as everyone else had already gone to snag cheeky guestlist. had half on the bus was soooo drunk when i got there, vodka down me leggings straight to the loo and i cant remember much else. spent sooooo much money that night. muchos skint now. off the point. anyyywaayy. koko = opposite to flook because:
* its massive
* i got unbelievably trashed
* music was a bit shit sometimes (not feelin the new special needs stoof)
* was on pull (blonde bloke - shit, SPANISH GUY (you know the score! am not puttin it here for world to see but you'll probably know if you're a mate on livejournal))
* had no idea WHAT was going on, 85% of the night.
Ended up having everyone go home and leave me with maeve/ronnie and flick/roxy/lana. tough choice, i decided to stay with maeve and ronnie. why i dont know. obviously they be gettin it on and i be third wheel half pining half shocked half laughing half dont know maths over spanish bloke (marco?). OBVIOUSLY. not to sobering up grace. so ronnie gets chicken, not from proper chicken place but weird place to close to koko and too far away from the bus stop for me to believe i was going home. suddenly we're invted to house party next doors. go in, me with chicken and chips, find lotsa snobby fuckin pretenscious wankers probably all smacked off their heads and so i make us leave.
so we go and find the bus stop, always a killer after koko, to go to lanas who says its ok. then lana calls says its not ok so we're going maeves. blabla end ups with me deciding not to go to maeves and sleep in the top bunk with maeve and ronnie gettin friendly all night in the bed under me.
so im walkin down bethnal green rd at 5 in the morning on my own to phebes house where im woken up at 8 and i dont sleep the rest of the day.

other stuff has happened. i cant remember and you're bored of reading now so um YUH.

winnnkkk xx
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it came in a dream... [May. 8th, 2005|07:38 pm]
[music |Velvet underground ~ Venus in Furs.]

Hard core , you KNOW the score (Holly) says:
that i had just passed my driving test , and flick still hadnt haha , so i picked her up on my way , and we got a mc donalds on the way , and we were listening to like ultra COOL music the hole way up , and house of jelous lovers came on , and flick like went mental dancing in my car ( i dont no how ) and wasl like dancing out of the sun roof hahaha ! ,, we then go to london , and went to the offi we bort a fuck load of booze and then i picked up some pills for all of us scag heads hahhaha , we then came to urs , maves , ash , phoebes and we picked up like a big box of stuff , wen then all drove to this really cool flat in between brick lane and shoreditch haha and then we all mooved our stuff in to it , and we like lived ther , a month later hannah came , and we all were living ther ! like DOLLYROCKER LAND , and we just went out and partied all night , and our flat was known as the PLACE TO BE for afterparties

and this is the prophecy of DollyRocKing.

xx written by Holly Dolly, transmitted by Grace RocKer.
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OH dear [May. 2nd, 2005|03:51 pm]
[music |Bobby Gentry ~ I'll never fall in love again]

indeed you are allowed i dunno why no one else does bee.

soooo me and holly went adventurin to northampton a while back, theres a few pictures on la dollyrocker photobucket. also many other adventures of kinds! but i cant be bothrred.

this mayday bank holiday weekend has been a bit of a blast, friday night was spent dispersed and then in a chuchyard. me and raver went to see babyshambles at the old koko and found it pretty rubbish (crowds were the worst have ever fallen over or been hit by across up down or tother) then down to the pleasure unit even after missing chineapples and les incompetants cos we're loonies. we didn't have enough money to get in cos it was spent on czar (maeve's, i drink glens you all shud no) vodka and strongbow (me, was skinting cos i also...) and kfc. therefore highly amusingly fucked club promoters come and sneak us in back exit and we danced for hours until kicking out time.
then we tried to get hold of kerri who's house we were staying at but had split up as she was goin to expensive over 21s cloob. this is where it starts to go slightly scew wiff maybe? sitting outside pleasure unit with daniel on 6 pills cos he couldnt shot em, maeve on like 2 bottles of vodka and hannah just doing general modern art rocking out i felt slightly boring. its just that the random halfcubans maeve pulls for pills, me gettin propositioned about 5 times (once a bloke actually pulled over in his car) and lack of cigarettes make for bethnal green rd not good place to sleep rough particularly. i therefore moved everyone to knock on kerris door but sillyly left the job to drunk maeve and i dunno what happened cos its all a confusion after that.
anyway was a warm night and i was in happyness so it was alright sleeping in the lovely churchyard which was actually quite magical especially when the sun streetlight was in proper place i went for a walk and did some tap dancing.

on saturday night holly and flick came down but alas i cudne go out and so they had wonderful time at neils children and les incompetants and then frog and stuff and thats their story.

a suprising/slightly dissapointing realisation i made on saturday night led to the realisation that i must be very very drunk on sunday. i succeded terribly. trafalgar sq was lovely, dancing with a bottle of strongbow (oo er am turnin into a tramp non?) to estelle, nearly gettin in fights with rudegirls and shoutin FUCK BNP till pete came on was indeed a highlight. i probably shudn' have got more drunk than that. but i did. in fact i steadily continued to drink too much, ended up pullin a fuckin random ugly old bloke and pulling daniel (but no one knows) then groping him apparently and tryin to pull maeve and hannah and to top it all off getting my wristband cut off while i fell asleep in the lobby and getting ESCORTED out where had a very scary experience of bein slipped a pill from a random stranger on the street who could have been indecent if pedro the doorman hadn't saved me. i am just uh, just plop. n stuff. and im worried for all sorts of stuff now and very lucky to not have had sumin bad happen to me.

xx Grace RocKer
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(no subject) [Apr. 24th, 2005|04:02 am]
hmmm it seems grace is the only dollyrocker that posts here, are the others not allowed to, if so delete this.

on the other side of the news




phoebe x
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and they came from the mountains........ [Apr. 4th, 2005|10:48 am]
[music |Half Cocked Boy ~ la libertineess]

Whhyy hello thereee, do your parents know you're here? Shall we talk about the inchworm or the little mermaid who longed to be a girl?

No. Lets talk about other things. UUggghh looks like our pictures aren't working, will sort that maybe if i can transform from computer novice into fully fledged technical buttterfly.

LAST NIGHT we went to see yeti. I HEART YETI and this was the first time i'd heard them none-mp3-downloadable form. Was fantastique, happy dancy songs sang by a libertine who could keep in tune (most the time) and trusty bandmembers who didn't half belt it either. They opened with never lose your sense of wonder which got everyone nicely in the spirit, even me and hannah who were balancing on the edge of a couch, and finished with a song I don't know the name of with a man I don't know the name of on lead vocal. He was fuckin smashing, had that little trill you'd get in old musichall, something i bleeted on about all the way through without anyone knowing what I was on about, talkin of tipperary and how he should be returnin home to his missus.
Top it all off it were in the wonderful Duke of Clarence, not 10 minutes walk (we had to find out due to busses and car crashes) from my gaf. Lovely venue with lovely friendly people behind the bar and the free door charge meaning it was packed to the rafters when we got there at quarter to the time of playment. Also a handy little outdoor area thats dark enough to get out you're own bottles for drinkles.

Will have to get Holly or ashes to post of SATURDAY NIGHT as I didn't go out as i have too much work. (Work I should be doing now) They won a free bottle of champagne thanks to Cindy Lauper and apparently turned a twee little place into a rave?

Tonight shall be attending our lovely Others signing and maybe fesivities after with certain guys and gals? Tomoro shall be artic monkeys if theres tickets on the door. *fingers crosed*

(The mermaid dies by the way)

xx Grace RocKer
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Phoootos. [Apr. 1st, 2005|01:34 pm]
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Maeve raver.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Aunty Grace, Flickertart and raver.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Clockwise from top left: Maeve, Flick, Grace and Ash.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Facility (hahaha) and Polly.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Swinging on a star.

More in our quite empty Photobucket more on cameras which will somehow work its way in after we start to sober up.

xx Grace RocKer
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